be sensual.

16 Feb

Well, since I downloaded yesterday the official soundtrack from the ‘Frida’ movie, I just can’s stop looking and dreaming of her art, and studying all the influences she has exerted upon style and the perception of the strong woman today. She was feminine and masculine, classic and revolutionary, bold and vulnerable at the same time. But most of all she was a very, very talented and strong, enduring character. She is pure inspiration for women of all ages and somehow makes me wanna say: “I wanna be just myself and no one else.”

What I personally like about fashion is the designs, all the different kinds of fantasies and dreams it embodies – the freedom of mind it gives you.

What I don’t like about fashion is that non-stop following and changing, In and Out the whole time, which basically doesn’t make any sense, because many genius designers and women with taste have proven continously that it’s the uniqueness of design and style that matters.

And have a look at Frida Kahlo – she is timeless! That’s what I love about fashion – it is our history, values and perceptions in clothes and photography. Constantly repeating trends and motives shows us that nothing is old fashioned or out – it just circulates and gets better (or worse;). I recently bought In Vogue’s History by  Alberto Oliva, Norberto Angeletti, Anna Wintour, Steven Klein, and Grace Coddington. And it is great! It is so ineteresting to follow the development of creativity and people’s perception of beauty; to see how one thing follows the other, how much illustration influenced fashion photography, how something that was exclusively available to the rich, is nowadays so strongly influenced by the street, by art – by the poor?

When observing the history of fashion with all its extremes, it becomes obvious that it is the Good and Original what becomes a trend and eventually stays and leaves its mark upon time, not the other way around – thousands of meaningless ‘trends’, rules, dos and don’ts, which are in my opinion – the worst and least creative substitute for style.

So, this is by now my favorite Frida editorial – much more natural than others. It has captured a certain kind of sensuality that has been often missed by others and thus truly kept Frida’s style in my eyes.

Brazilian model Maria Carla Boscono poses for US Harpers Bazaar magazine in November 2001. Inspiration: Frida Kahlo. Photographed by Nathaniel Goldberg.

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One Response to “be sensual.”

  1. Lu February 18, 2010 at 5:57 pm #

    Love these pictures. They are beautiful!

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